Right on the dot – 139 ~ (365 Faces of Mom)

“It’s a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart-pain”

– Neil Gaiman

That’s exactly how it felt..still feels, sometimes when I remember or have to remember.

The tattoo – 138 ~ (365 Faces of Mom)

I got it. I don’t think I expected to feel different before I got it, but I didn’t expect to feel nothing. The ink under my skin can never compare to how it felt when you were really around. My artist told me when she was forming your words into my skin. I remember mom, and I’ll never forget.

Never give up. Be a fighter & go where you want to be


With her best wishes -137 ~ (365 Faces of Mom)

The other find that I was excited about was this photo of my mom, I have another version of it which is currently my Yahoo messenger avatar.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?!?!

When I turned the photo around, I found this little dedication, I almost laughed myself down the stairs cause my mom was never the “mushy-mushy” type and I never pictured her dedicating anything to my dad. After all those years of saying “look at your dad, look at how he walks tabinge (crooked),” I would never in my life have expected her to give him a photo of her with anything written on it!

❤ hahahahhaahah I feel all the butterflies fluttering around my stomach, this is like probably the mush-iest that my mom could have ever been! It’s so cute!

I hope I find a love letter one day…but I highly doubt that!

For the bride-to-be 136 ~ (365 Faces of Mom)

This weekend I decided to clean my room, I could hear my mom telling me to do it already at the back of my mind. I had to sleep a bit more Sunday morning because I woke up too early and caught a cold which isn’t a good thing to have when you know you’re going to be dusting off a lot of stuff. I already started the day before so it was okay for me to extend my sleep. Anyway, before I started I went upstairs to get the broom, and felt like opening one of the other closets at the top of the stairs. I realized that there were other albums kept there, finally found mine which means I have more photos of my mom and I when I was younger (yay! :D).

I also noticed this black and white patterned book and decided to look through it. I was surprised to find that it was my mom’s Bridal Book ❤

I love the pattern! 😀

Haha sorry for the blurry shot!

I love the way this book was designed!

She didn’t fill out all the pages like in this last photo, and I’m still trying to decide if I want to write some stuff about my wedding in this book or just keep it. I was able to peek into her guest list, and list of gifts and who gave it to them…I loved looking through this book and I kept it near while I was cleaning my room.

Thanks for the book mom! 😀

It just reminded me of her :) 135 ~ (365 Faces of Mom)

I hate it ~ 134 (365 Faces of Mom)

Dear mom,

I hate going to your crypt. I hate it, I haven’t gone there since your birthday, I think. See I don’t even remember, ’cause I hate going there. I know, everyone says I should go, because I have to go visit you every once in a while but I hate it. I hate it cause I have to see it, I have to see you reduced to a small box in a wall, with your name on it. I hate having to see my niece’s note to you, telling you how much she loves you and misses you. I hate that. Most of all I hate feeling like I don’t want to leave, like if I had the opportunity I’d stand there forever, because I don’t like leaving you there. I left your side most of the time when you were in the hospital, ’cause no one else would do what I was sent to do. I hate it mom, I hate feeling bad because I haven’t come to see you in months now, but how can I if I always feel so miserable standing in front of that crypt, which doesn’t show how awesome you really are, awesome not only to me but to others.

I hate it mom. I really hate it.


Portable ~ 133 (365 Faces of Mom)

I love this way of writing my posts for mom cause once I start feeling guilty about not having written anything in weeks something suddenly pops up out of no where. I was riding the shuttle yesterday and mentally scolding myself for not having written anything for mom when I caught a glimpse of a portable TV sitting on the dashboard of the shuttle. My mom loves telenovelas/soap operas, she first started with Filipino ones and had such an addiction that she acquiered (I say acquired cause I don’t remember if she bought it or borrowed it) a little portable TV.  So that, she told me one night, after tennis (they played every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) she will be able to catch her favorite one on the road just in case it was traffic. It was later on when she moved to DVD’s watching Korean telenovelas. It was really nice to see a sudden glimpse of her in one of my commutes home, I hope there are more 🙂