This weekend I decided to clean my room, I could hear my mom telling me to do it already at the back of my mind. I had to sleep a bit more Sunday morning because I woke up too early and caught a cold which isn’t a good thing to have when you know you’re going to be dusting off a lot of stuff. I already started the day before so it was okay for me to extend my sleep. Anyway, before I started I went upstairs to get the broom, and felt like opening one of the other closets at the top of the stairs. I realized that there were other albums kept there, finally found mine which means I have more photos of my mom and I when I was younger (yay! :D).

I also noticed this black and white patterned book and decided to look through it. I was surprised to find that it was my mom’s Bridal Book ❤

I love the pattern! 😀

Haha sorry for the blurry shot!

I love the way this book was designed!

She didn’t fill out all the pages like in this last photo, and I’m still trying to decide if I want to write some stuff about my wedding in this book or just keep it. I was able to peek into her guest list, and list of gifts and who gave it to them…I loved looking through this book and I kept it near while I was cleaning my room.

Thanks for the book mom! 😀