I love this way of writing my posts for mom cause once I start feeling guilty about not having written anything in weeks something suddenly pops up out of no where. I was riding the shuttle yesterday and mentally scolding myself for not having written anything for mom when I caught a glimpse of a portable TV sitting on the dashboard of the shuttle. My mom loves telenovelas/soap operas, she first started with Filipino ones and had such an addiction that she acquiered (I say acquired cause I don’t remember if she bought it or borrowed it) a little portable TV.  So that, she told me one night, after tennis (they played every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) she will be able to catch her favorite one on the road just in case it was traffic. It was later on when she moved to DVD’s watching Korean telenovelas. It was really nice to see a sudden glimpse of her in one of my commutes home, I hope there are more 🙂