Lost and FOUND! ~ 132 (365 Faces of Mom)

I had this in my dresser drawer for a long time, but it was broken and I vaguely remember trying to fix it. Last weekend I found it again and figure I should give it another try. Obviously I’m writing this entry because this one was from my mom, all blingy and doña-like I had to have it extended cause my wrist was too big for it too look like a bracelet. It’s still a bit too blingy for my taste but, it’s from her (and is SO her), I thought it would be nice to wear it once in a while. 🙂


I listened :) ~ 131 (365 Faces of Mom

I got this article through a link that was shared by a friend on Facebook (She’s the awesome girl that’s doing the cake for our wedding :D). I don’t normally read the material of this specific writer but I really love this article and there are two parts that reminded me of my mom:

5. “If you study hard and get good grades your success in life is assured.” Not necessarily. There are people who excel in an academic environment but flounder when they leave the confines of the university. Grades are important, but so is the ability to work with other people. You must be able to apply the knowledge you gleaned from books to real-life situations and environments. You must understand that people are complex organisms who do not behave like theoretical models. Get yourself some street smarts.

6. “He’s not right for you.” Listen to your mother. If she says this about the guy you are dating, she is probably right. It is called maternal instinct. That and the fact that half of your chromosomes are hers so you are more alike than you care to acknowledge. So consider Mom’s advice, but never let on that you ditched him because she said so. Show some resistance. You can’t have Mom taking over your life.

25 ‘truths’ we put through

Here’s the linkage to the article, I highly suggest you read it: http://bit.ly/q9Ofgv

It was actually the 6th that got my attention first. Mom is never one to meddle with what I did with my life, she gave me advice she told me what she thought but she never told me what to do. I started this guy when I just got into college, he was full blown all black, long hair rocker kind of dude. I really liked the change I suppose after dating all clean dudes some that even liked a lot of hiphop which I found to be unbearable after a while. He was political, listened to heavy music, and very smart.

I introduced him to my mom and she was super nice to him, would leave him food for dinner sometimes. Talk to him a lot when he was around, she would of course mention that maybe he needed a haircut but that was pretty much it. I told her a lot about him, after a while she told me that he might not be the right one for me. I didn’t resist what she said, after all she was just telling me what she thought, it was my decision. In the end I decided to break up with him, not because of her, but because of the conclusions I came to.

As for the 5th on this article, I think I mentioned in the past entry that my mom was never one for grades. Even up until I started working she made it clear, not every graduate that has honors or is tre awesomesauce at school, some are horridsauce. So she didn’t expect me to get high grades, she just expected me to do my best and pass. It would be nice to get good grades and all but no pressure.

I love that I get to carry these things around with me after she’s gone, her little bits of advice have helped me go along way.

dream a little dream ~ 130 (365 Faces of Mom)

I had a dream about my mom last July 8, it was really long, but the gist of it was, my mom wasn’t dead. She changed her name and came to take me with her, and my dad was sad that she was going to take me. My mom isn’t the type to send messages through dreams, at least I don’t think she is, not until it’s really important. So I figured it was simply my subconscious that was talking to me. Jonar and I tried to figure it out, and after awhile we figured it might be, because of everything that’s going on with her family, and my life, my subconscious just wanted to say that I need her, we all need her.

I hope all our prayers reach her and she can help us all through this. I know she will, we just have to be patient.

through goblets and glass ~ 129 (365 Faces of Mom)

I don’t know why I totally forgot about this but, mom one specific goblet she used, you can’t really tell how big it is here but it’s pretty big for just some water. She used this ever since I can remember, there were more in different colors in our china closet but last time I checked, the only ones that were left are this one and another blue one. She told me that some of the helpers weren’t so careful with them and broke them.

No one uses these anymore, they’re kept at the end of the cupboard where all the glasses are kept. It felt weird taking it out again, just like those many times she asked me to get her a glass of water.

crawling to a safe place ~ 128 – (365 Faces of Mom)

When we had our house renovated to extend my adoptive sister’s room when she got married I just asked for one thing: a secret door. I remembered how amazed I was when I saw my cousin had one and wanted one for myself. I wanted one to lead to my moms room so that I didn’t have to knock on their door in the middle of the night to use their bathroom or if I woke up and was too afraid to sleep by myself. She agreed to add it — it’s a small square door that leads to my parents walk-in closet.

Today, I had to crawl in that little door again so I can check my dad’s bathroom. My room’s ceiling had a leak and so did the bigger dining room, and I figured that my dad’s bathroom was directly above those areas. He had the key to the room and was staying at my adoptive sister’s place and I needed to check his bathroom.

I went through nostalgia while crawling in that small space. I still knew what to move and how to get all the clothes out of the way for me to fit. The only difference was, when I stepped out into their room, mom wasn’t there on her bed sleeping, I couldn’t hear my dad snoring, the air conditioning wasn’t turned on, and it was morning.

What I’d give to sleep beside her one more time.


[No picture for this post this time, I wasn’t able to take a photo cause I didn’t bring my phone upstairs with me when I had to go in and It’s filled with stuff from the evil witch aunt’s house. So I decided to do it real quick so I won’t be blamed of taking her stuff again]

Cover it up with something white ~ 128 – (365 Faces of Mom)

I posted about my moms tattooed make up, last time, we all know that tattoos tend to…how do you say it…look smudgey? You know what i mean. So after awhile I think she noticed that her bottom eyeliner  had sort of smudged a bit into her skin. She decided to buy a white eyeliner, which I actually thought was a good idea at the time, to try and cover up a bit of the smudging.

Well…it didn’t work. So…there.

Now we all know white eyeliner doesn’t cover up tattoo smudges or whatever you call it.

I bet she doesn’t need tattoo anything up there anyway 🙂

Doña – 127 (365 Faces of Mom)

There was probably something about her. She had flawless and really really white skin all throughout her life and she had no underarm hair or hair on her legs. I was shocked when she told me she never had any of that her whole life, while I toiled away in the bathroom trying to apply the right amount of Veet/Neet on my legs so I can be rid of my hairy man-legs for at least 2-3 days.

Anytime anyone met, or even just saw a glimpse of my mom they would say “she looks like a doña“. I suppose she just gave off a regal aura or something like that, which unfortunately she did not pass on to me. So as I stumble around being as un-doña as ever, I wonder, what was it that she did? I once tried to put on a lot of perfume, because I thought maybe leaving a trail of it while I walk around would make me borderline doña-ish. Unfortunately I sneezed the entire day and smelled more like a grandmother. My hair isn’t straight, so no matter what I do I’ll have stray/baby hair standing out of my head looking as if I’ve just gotten electrocuted and/or similar.

*sigh* I suppose I’m just not made for it.