There was probably something about her. She had flawless and really really white skin all throughout her life and she had no underarm hair or hair on her legs. I was shocked when she told me she never had any of that her whole life, while I toiled away in the bathroom trying to apply the right amount of Veet/Neet on my legs so I can be rid of my hairy man-legs for at least 2-3 days.

Anytime anyone met, or even just saw a glimpse of my mom they would say “she looks like a doña“. I suppose she just gave off a regal aura or something like that, which unfortunately she did not pass on to me. So as I stumble around being as un-doña as ever, I wonder, what was it that she did? I once tried to put on a lot of perfume, because I thought maybe leaving a trail of it while I walk around would make me borderline doña-ish. Unfortunately I sneezed the entire day and smelled more like a grandmother. My hair isn’t straight, so no matter what I do I’ll have stray/baby hair standing out of my head looking as if I’ve just gotten electrocuted and/or similar.

*sigh* I suppose I’m just not made for it.