I insist on putting another groceries entry just so that I can make up for that last grocery entry that I copied from myself. Here’s to pirating myself!

She only started giving a 100 Peso tip to the baggers at the grocery store a few years ago. We noticed there was this one guy who would come up to us after we filled our carts, unload them for us on the cashier counter, his name was Peter – “Mang Pete” for me. He was also one of the veterans so I figured he started doing that because he kind of knew us already. It was later on when I noticed that Mang Pete seemed to have a group of baggers who would help us unload and get our bags to the car. They were a specific group of super baggers that catered to my mom everytime we were there. She told me once before that she felt sorry for them, for getting such a small salary and doing that kind of work all day so she gave a big tip, they would each take an amount out of that 100 Peso.

That’s just how awesome she was.