I remember being scared. I would walk a short distance to the jeepney stop going home and I’d be exhausted by the time I got there. I had back pains, my feet could hardly carry my body, it would literally hurt to stand after sitting down for a while, and they hurt like hell at the end of the day. I often felt bloated and sluggish, always full to the point of vomiting, I’d get sick more often than I used to be and even have nightmares…really horrible ones.

I recall talking to a friend who’s a health buff (everything she ate was organic), told her about one of those nightmares I had, and she said that it might have been something that I ate. She explained that she had eaten something processed once after eating all organic stuff for months, and she had a nightmare as well. I did some research and found that all the rich and fatty foods that we eat can actually cause these nightmares. It’s a very long explanation so Google it and check out the different articles.

And again, I got scared. I swore since I started having nieces and nephews that I had to get healthy by the time I had kids, just so that I could run around and spend a lot of time with them without getting the least bit tired. There are many things that I tried but always I couldn’t keep up with them after a while. Life happens to all of us, so we start missing gym sessions, or don’t have enough sleep for a badminton game, or are too stressed to even think about saying no to a favorite chocolate bar until we realize…ah, there we are. Ten pounds heavier, crap.

Many people get healthy in different ways: some do sports, some go to the gym, most watch what they’re eating. Some don’t watch it that much as long as they have some sort of work out, so maintenance isn’t too much of a problem. I chose another path, and it came to me in a friendly/fabulous package after a prayer.

– Back story –

I have a tendency of blurting out prayers out of frustration, believe it or not most of the time they come out while I shower. There’s a lot of time to think while shampooing your hair. This certain prayer was a cry for help, just like the one that I blurted out when I was asking for the right man to come along. So I figured I’ll try it out again and see what happens.

So while bathing and scrubbing my hair for all it’s worth I asked for a healthy way to take away, all my everyday pains and maybe even the unwanted pounds, so I can finally be rid of my stupid nightmares and actually walk without pain.

– End of back story –

About a few weeks later, I met up with one of my friends to ask her to be a bridesmaid at my wedding and there she was, healthy, slim, and gorgeous. I was shocked. She didn’t look sick, she didn’t look stressed, she looked like she walked out of those health magazines after a refreshing (and nobody says this in my world) workout. She confessed she couldn’t eat anything but had a Coke Zero and we started to talk about Jonar’s proposal and some wedding plans. I later asked her about what she did and carried all that information with me, together with how fabulous she looked and started to obsess.

A few months after, I started the program that she has done (yes she’s done with it). It’s been only a month but guess what? No bloating and more energy. When I walk to that jeepney stop, it’s like exercise but I’m not dragging my feet around in pain. And no more nightmares.

The program is based on the biochemical profile of my blood (yes, MY blood, so I can’t give it to anyone else cause that person will have to get tested for their own program) and there are tons of things that I cannot eat. A lot of people think it’s a sad thing, and who wouldn’t? Food is awesome: pasta, pizza, fried stuff, pastries, chocolate (tons of it please), creams, cakes, cheesy greasey yumminess…yup food is awesome. But I actually enjoy being on this program. Aside from preventing all of the sicknesses that go with eating all the yumminess that most people do everyday, I get to lose all the excess weight I have AND I will look good for my wedding as well. The food I eat isn’t tasteless, and isn’t in small portions. I don’t feel hungry after a meal, I don’t get dizzy because I actually eat the good stuff. I don’t have to stress over what I want to eat everyday because I have something set and I don’t need any more after that.

And…I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist since I started 😉

So don’t wonder or be sad when I bring out my little Tupperware of food ’cause I’m enjoying my organic veggie filled food as much as you’re enjoying yours 🙂

EDIT: I lost 16 lbs too!!! Just found out yesterday after weighing in 😛