I wrote my mom a card when I was in grade school, I was a teenager back then and I was pretty much forced to write one because my best friend at the time was buying one for her mom. I didn’t get along with my mom so well during that time, who does when they’re in their teens. I didn’t think she’s appreciate the card at all cause we just weren’t that kind of family.

I left the card on her dresser and went back into my room, she knocked on my door mins later and hugged me. I thought that was weird…she hasn’t hugged me since I was 10. So since then I decided to keep on with my notes an little creations as gifts for whatever occasion it was. It felt good to thank her and I figured she really liked it.

After years of writing letters to my mom on mothers day, I started to see a pattern, started to wish I would write something else for her then, thought maybe I should get her something bigger. But even if I wrote almost the same thing every Mothers Day, I would still catch her in tears sometimes. I was happy she appreciated my little attempts at showing her that I was actually thankful and that I loved her, it was also nice that she kept that between the two of us. I really didn’t care that the rest of them thought I was an ungrateful brat, as long as she knew I how I felt that was good enough for me.

I don’t think I can say in enough words how thankful I am to my mom for everything that she has done for me, sacrificed for me and everything she’s guided me through. All I can do is live my life the way I think she would have wanted me too, with stern beliefs and a good heart.

I love you mom, tons and buckets…

You will remain unforgettable ❤

Happy Mothers Day 🙂