It’s your turn to be the topic of my poems mom, I know I should have written more about you before all this but, you know how that goes… here’s the first one.

Left Behind
by Jo Ann A. Lopez

I forget
When I remember, my heart sinks
and all the fear rushes back in
Then I chose to forget again
My little everyday cycle
It isn’t the memories I forget
It is…
I know why but I don’t want to believe it
         or accept it
         or acknowledge it
I just turn away
But I can’t pretend it didn’t happen
Because it’s empty here
         and here
         and here
         even there
Like when you don’t hear sounds waking up in the morning
         wherever you may be
Birds chirpping, cars rushing, rivers running, pans and pots clanging, people outside talking-shouting-whispering-calling-walking-running
The world is empty and silent
         and it’s the kind of silence that hurts
Hurts like that loss that I forget
I forget because it hurts
…it still hurts