We departed at 5 am...God paints the best sunrises 🙂

I remember that meeting I had about this project. My boss at that time sent me in all alone, armed with a notebook and some ideas. We talked about the project,  met with the other suppliers we were going to work with, and found out that it was going to be in…Mindanao. I was all so excited when I found out that there was a possibility I was going to be going there with just one of the clients. I told myself, mom would never agree to that. I relayed the entire meeting to my boss and she made different arrangements, there would be more people with us, my boss would be there as well. So the plan was set, our first stop would be Basilan.

When I told my mom about it she was lying on her bed, and she tensed up…but she knew she had to allow me to go, because I would go with or without her permission anyway. She brought me up that way. The night before my trip she was so cranky, snapping at me about everything…I could tell she was worried. The next morning, she and my dad dropped me off at the airport…it was a big thing. Mom never did that; she usually stayed home while dad would be the one to bring me or pick me up.  It was so out of character, but I loved that I got to hug her and say goodbye before I went off to one of my very best adventure/business trips ever!