No body knows this, but ever since I caught “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on the Diva channel, I never missed an episode ever again. I don’t really watch reality series, some of them are amusing at first and then they get boring and too dramatic so I add them on my “boring-weekend-nothing-to-watch” list. But since this one started, I dubbed it my little guilty-pleasure and never missed one episode.

The few times I watched this show I was already a big fan of Caroline Manzo. I loved the way she handled everything and the way her entire family treated each other, how she comforted her kids, the way she let them handle every problem by themselves but supported them in her own way. It was later on when I realized how she’s so much like my mom in the way she deals with problems and challenges. She is strong, confident, never takes any bullshit and always is all about family. I realized that one of the many reasons I watch this ridiculous show is because of how much Caroline reminds me of mom 🙂 So every Sunday, I watch the replay at 11:00 pm even if I know I might sleep later than I usually do.