My mom’s default grocery store was Cherry Foodarama, even if PureGold is bigger and closer to our house. We’ve gone there for groceries since I was little. We tried to go to other places but she liked that she knew where to find everything and that she knew almost all the sales personnel in Cherrt. It came to a point when there is always one person that comes up to us when we’re lining up at the cashier to empty our cart for us. I called them mom’s minions. She liked to give them a 100 peso tip that they divided amongst themselves. It’s not always the same group but it never fails to make them happy.

The last time we were there, we had to pick up a few things. I think it was around December before she was admitted to the hospital. We came up to the school supplies area where there were two sales ladies that have been working at Cherry Fooderama since I was young. They made the obligatory remark: “Wow dalaga na ha,” looking at me from head to toe.

And mom said, “Siya na lang nag-aalaga sa akin.”

Love you mom 🙂