Hating Kapatid movie

I was flipping channels during the weekend and I happened upon this movie. There was a specific scene that reminded me about the last fight I have ever had with my mom. It was so bad I left the house for days and stayed at the office for a few days. Thankfully, it had sleeping quarters and was like a small condo, and my boss was kind enough to let me stay there until everything blew over. It was the 23rd of December; I didn’t spend Christmas at home, and after talking to my boss and our script writer about our fight, they convinced me to go home.

I came home and went into her room where my nephews were sleeping over, and gave her a bouquet of flowers. She embraced me, crying. We didn’t say anything about the fight. My mom was never good at apologies — I don’t think their generation is vocal about their emotions or even malambing. I didn’t mind it at all; I was just happy we were okay and I was home.