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One of the churches that we visited during the search for the wedding ceremony venue was St. Francis of Assisi Parish along Shaw Boulevard. Most of my childhood Sundays were spent in that church with my family. We started hearing Mass in a different chapel after a while, but my last memory of that church was Simbang Gabi, with my dad and mom.

It was nice to see it all again, and remember all those crazy things I tried to do as a kid in silence in that church. All those times my mom tried to get me to behave, or when she let me bring a lunch box containing crackers and butter to eat while we were hearing Mass. Or when I would copy her mumbling because I didn’t know what to say when we would kneel for prayer after they went to communion (yup, I was that young).

Just like the malls, supermarkets and other places that I have been with my mom, this one kinda feels just a bit empty without her.