(borrowed this photo from thisblog, but found it on google when I searched for Ondoy under images)


Fortunately the storm Ondoy wasn’t as traumatic to us as it was to other people. There was flood, of course, but ours was just to our knees. I remember getting up from bed and looking out to our living room, thankfully there was one step before it reached the door to my room and the dinning room so I had to time to evacuate all of my stuff on the floor. They started to bring the sofa’s closer to the dinning area since the water hasn’t reached there yet. My mom came down and sat on the longer sofa, I sat there with her after I finished fixing my things.

I have only seen my mom in panic/nervous-mode when I was once in the hospital or when she was afraid my niece or nephews would be running too fast and might fall flat on their faces when they were very young. That day I kind of expected her to be in a panic moving all the furniture to the second floor and all that, but she sat there, she just sat there and watched. The only thing she really asked the help to do was to carry her aunt (she was sick with Alzheimer’s) upstairs to another room cause the flood was starting to rise. We sat there for awhile until the water came up to our knees and we had to go upstairs and stay there until it was all over.

I remember taking everything important to the second floor, my dog, my laptop…shoes and other things were kept on higher furniture but that was pretty much it. I recall telling myself, “I suppose I’m going to have to sleep in mom’s room tonight”, which I haven’t done in years. That night I took my place in between my dad and mom and remember falling asleep instantly. I used to hate that both my parent snore, I hated having to sleep through all that. But that night, it actually became sort of comforting.