Like I always say in other entries, my mom has awesome music taste and I would also like to give her credit for my love of musicals. She was the reason why I started to listen and sing along to Miss Saigon. I knew almost all the songs and sang them every weekend with brush in hand and my aunt (who has also passed on, rest her soul) as my duet in “I Still Believe”. We had it blasting out of mom’s sound system, sprawled on the rug with the lyrics in hand. When I got into theater workshop and learned about other musicals I peeked into my mom’s CD collection and they they were, Les Miserables, Cats, etc. I borrowed them, sprawled on the couch and sang along with lyrics in hand.

I’m not into the theater scene anymore now, I actually enjoy being in the audience more than ever, but every  time I hear these kinds of songs, I miss her.