I remember this store at Rustan’s that my mom loved that every time we couldn’t find her she’d surely be there. They mostly sold pant-suits, she had a thing for pant suits. I don’t remember when it closed but I do remember that my mom started shopping at Marks & Spencer more often after awhile.

I remember the last time we went shopping together, she swore we would go around, do/buy whatever it is that we needed and rush home after. But once we stepped off the escalator right in front of Marks & Spencer, she started to walk slower, staring at the mannequins in their new clothes. Before I knew it we came out of the store with bags and bags of shopping and my mom leaned over to me and said “Don’t tell your dad we went to Marks & Spencer, okay?” It wasn’t that we spent too much on shopping, it was that we weren’t supposed to go shopping in the first place.

Mom didn’t always know or even like the latest fashion trends, platform shoes didn’t really make sense in her mind, she hated it when I wore a sweater over a tank top and I never understood why. Sometimes she even tried to get me into an almost over sized blouse and tapered pants like most of her ensembles. Even if she tried to stop me from wearing the clothes that I wanted at the end of it all she let me have them anyway.

I know moms can get annoying, telling you what to wear, handing you pants that look like your grandmothers, making you wear things that isn’t really your style, but savor your shopping time with your moms. Because not only will you get most of those things for free and get the best advice on undergarments, but when the time comes that she’s not around, whatever the circumstance may be, you’ll miss her company the most.