Mom alwyas loved the last supper, she started talking about this one in particular and she talked about it non stop. She was so amazed at the idea..which isn’t anything but. 🙂





Months before she passed, she seemed to keep telling me to take everything I would say was nice. Out of all her fancy, hand painted fans, this one was the one I liked. I took it from her drawer a few months after she passed, its nice to carry around something that was hers.




My mom isn’t a pack rat, but she kept things well.  Sometimes she kept them so well she’d have a hard time finding whatever it is she kept.

Everytime I used this brush she’d always tell me..’I’ve had that since high school’. Now it’s a bit more tattered than I remember but still in her brush drawer. And everytime I see it I keep remembering her saying…’I’ve had that brush since high school’