I think I really found my love for the standards when I heard the Martini in the Morning station somewhere in SL. I remember keeping it playing for days on end after I heard it, and even if I didn’t have a bathtub at home, I’d still light little candles and have these songs accompany me during what I call my “Pamper Day.”

It was really only while writing a past entry (or a little bit after) that I realized that it wasn’t by chance that I happened to like these kinds of songs. I realized they were the songs playing in the background for most of my life.

“Embraceable You” by Billie Holiday or better yet Ginger Rogers, for example, was my Dad’s song. He sang it almost every time I was around when I was little. The strains of “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole would float around the house while Mom was cooking Sunday lunch. The rest were played on cassette tapes and CD’s, in the car, but mostly at home.

My mom had a massive collection of the albums that held these songs that until this day are toe-curling-butterflies-in-my stomach-wham-bam-alakazam most-awesome-to-the-infinite-power for me. She would have them playing almost everyday, even songs from musicals, but mostly these — songs that I sometimes complained about, but for some reason, even until now, are stuck and imprinted somewhere in me. I hardly even remember the times when I heard these songs, but I remember the lyrics, and I remember the tunes.

Putting all the drama and rapture and all that jazz aside… Here are some of my Mom’s musical footprints:

Unforgettable – Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole

Come Rain or Come Shine – Billie Holiday

I’ve Got You Under my Skin – Frank Sinatra

Dream a Little Dream of Me – Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Amrstrong

That’s Amore – Dean Martin