Yeah, all I can say is my wedding gets in the way sometimes, but I do promise that I’ve had this list of entries since last Tuesday.

Enough of my wedding excuses…



Mom was a strict tutor, sometimes we would stay up until 2am an exam just so that she is sure I get things right. When I was in grade school, when jumping ropes were still all the rage. One night she had to confiscate it because I wasn’t focused on the reviewer that she made for an exam I was going to have the next day.

Unfortunately for me my mom forgot all about it, and never gave it back. But of course a jumping rope can never compare to all the other gifts/advices that she has given me all these years.



Aside from the usual, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavored ice cream that my mom would buy for us for desert, it was this one that she bought. I used to tease her and tell her it’s “old people ice cream” and always asked why she never got anything else, i.e. cookies and cream, rocky road, coffee crumble, she said she simply liked the flavor.



I don’t have the picture of the specific one but mom always had sugar coated lemon candies in her bag ever since I can remember. It came in handy specially if one of us started to feel dizzy, but usually my niece and nephews would just eat it all up. Once I get the courage to step into the grocery  store mom went to (yes, I actually haven’t gone there since she passed), I will get a pack to show you guys, but for now…this’ll have to do.



She wore these when she checked in, hardly fit me but I took them from her shoe rack…

She wore these when she checked in.


For you, Mom