Mom always used big bags. She had tons of stuff in it; we used to say she had the entire house in her bag. She carried around holy water, a blessed stone, prayer booklets, rosary, brushes, a fan, pens, everything. And even if she managed to use one of her smaller bags, she’d cram them all in there, and they’d bloat and would be as heavy as her other bags.

I didn’t understand it until recently, when I started buying those big bags, something big enough so that letter-sized bond paper would fit in it. So that I can just throw in all the things I need and rush off to work real quick. I was walking home one night when I realized I was carrying a bag as heavy as my mom’s. I tried to take out some stuff but ended up needing them the next day.

I couldn’t believe that I was becoming my mom…bag-wise. I can only hope to be like her in everything else.

(By the way, that bag in the picture was hers :))