I was supposed to take a picture of something else for yesterday’s entry but for some reason my phone decided to lose battery and just shut down right after I took a shot. So I went back downstairs and decided to take the picture of something that I was a bit nervous to photograph.

I was surprised and touched by the active participation of my dad, that I wanted to post the entry this morning instead, for everyone to see.

I don’t recall ever seeing my dad wear his wedding ring. Maybe I was too young to remember or maybe I just don’t remember at all. I figured it was too small, or because at a certain point in a marraige you just don’t wear your rings anymore.

It was a few weeks after mom passed that I noticed that he had it on. My dad was trying not to eat too much before that and already lost weight, so I figured the ring fit again. But also, I think he wears it because he misses her as much as we do.

(Photograph taken by me, photo composition by dad)