Today in between church-hopping, Jonar suggested we check out badminton racquets in Glorietta. I started playing badminton when I was in college and stopped only because I had to do my thesis and business plan and needed to focus. My mom started playing the same time I did, she already played tennis regularly so it wasn’t so hard for her to play the other.

I could never beat my mom at badminton even when I excelled in it, she was still better than me. When I scanned through the racquets, picking each one up feeling it’s weight on my palm, I remember how it felt playing against my mom. Her mischievous smiles, her little giggles when she beat me one more time, the way she would encourage me to move faster and how she told me that the sport was doing me a lot of good. Her little antics and comments were sometimes very annoying, but I would give anything for another game, just for fun, just to see her smile again.