There was one room in particular that I didn’t really appreciate much when I was still young, my mom called it “the music room”. I didn’t know what was so music room-y about it, any other music instrument there aside from the piano (that’s when she didn’t rearrange the furniture again:P), as far as I was concerned it was pretty much the second living room. But most of all what I remember about that room is the many weekend afternoons/nights we spent there listening to my mom’s wide collection of music. It was in that same room where I first heard and learned all the songs in the broadway musical Ms Saigon, where all my mom’s CD’s and tapes were stored, so she could play music that would be heard all throughout the house through her awesome sound system.

Our house has gone through a few renovations since then and we had to make room for a growing family. The CD’s and tapes are hidden away, the once very powerful sound system haven’t been used in years, the piano is untuned but is one of the biggest reminders of my mom’s love for music.