When I was a teenager I considered it an insult when my parents would forget my birthday, but as I grew older, I actually found it bit amusing. Once January came around it was a guessing game…they had to figure out when it was before the actual day arrived. My dad would always guess 17 or 19 but would never say 18. My mom on the other hand, would guess wrong the first time, but would always get it on her second try.

I can’t really blame them, a lot of things happen in my family on the month of January. The 17th for example, is my parents wedding anniversary, the 15th is my adoptive sister’s wedding anniversary, and on the 22nd is my nephew’s birthday. So I enjoyed the fact that they both took an effort to guess and were always able to greet me on the right day.

But this entry is all about the one who always celebrated my birthday with me no matter what. Whether it’s to plan the parties, fund them, and/or both, not to mention all the gifts she’s given me all my life, she’s never failed to be right there on my special day. I have a few of my favorite birthdays that I wanted to list down in honor of the person who prepared them all for me, my most awesome mom.

  1. My 7th birthday – I woke up to tables, chairs and party balloons in our terrace…I remember the sun light, my mom outside over seeing all the preparations and the beautiful balloons everywhere.
  2. Shopping spree birthday! – My mom took me and a few of my friends to the mall and bought us matching stuff from Gift Gate.
  3. My thirteenth birthday party which was held on the 22nd (cause that was the Saturday all my friends were available) and my adoptive sister was in labor- mom didn’t even think of canceling my birthday plans.
  4. The day my birthday fell on a Sunday, Mom cooked a feast and bought me a cake. We ate at home with just a few people in the compound…this was by far the best one ever.

This is one of the toughest and the best time in my life, I am reminded that she’s not here, but I’m blessed with another year to live my life the way she would have wanted me to. Sometimes I think she leaves me messages through little occurances that happen around my birthday. Last year it was acceptance, this year is patience and to remember that everything will turn out fine anyway.

Here’s to another year you have never neglected to make your presence felt, I love you mom!