Champagne came to us 3 years ago, she was a gift to mom, which was partially odd cause my mom never really liked dogs. So when she told me that she was going to be given one and she seemed happy about it I was excited. We didn’t have a dog for years before that and, it was the first time I saw my mom, excited about a dog.

Ever since Champagne was young she was the darling of dog lovers in our family. I made sure that during every Sunday family lunch, especially when she was a puppy, she was outside with all my relatives. I figured it would be a good way for her to learn to be people-friendly. Everyone wanted to take her home, my moms friend (who stayed with us for the summer) even wanted to take her back to Texas with her. I was proud to have a dog that was friendly, even if it meant that she was so easy to steal :P.

Unfortunately she was the only dog in the compound of three houses, there really wasn’t any other dog interaction, aside from the time we tried to breed her and she ran away from her fluffy suitor. She has ever since only barked at dogs from across the streets (only when they bark at her) and the kitties that roam our compound, otherwise…nada.

The consequences of no doggy interaction sprang up during the Pet Blessing last Sunday at Eastwood Mall. I couldn’t wait  to bring her, because I remembered that the last time she was brought to Eastwood to be groomed she was excited and began to pee all over the place frantically marking her territory. Aside from that, I was sure, mom would have wanted me to bring her too. So Sunday morning, I had her bathed, and had her on her leash at 1:30pm. She rushed to the door when the cab arrived, it was adorable that she seemed excited that she wasn’t going to be left behind.

The cab ride was as expected, she looked out the window for a while but got tired of seeing cars and people that she settled in my arm until we got to Eastwood.

Here are a few things I have to say about my dog:

1. She’s well behaved

There were a lot of dogs during entire event that were attacking other dogs, barking at each other, while Champagne was calmly sitting at her chair.

2. She’s very conservative

There were two very handsome Shih Tzu’s that came up to her and she either came closer to me or went on shy mode.

3. She loves people

She loves people so much, that when we were at the mall and I heard someone calling a name that resembled hers, or was even exactly like hers, she was so thrilled that someone called her name that she started to look around to see who it was. And you know when dogs sniff butts to get to know each other? Yeah, well my dog did not sniff one butt in that sea of dogs.

She really needs to get out more.

But all in all, I was happy that she was able to get out of the house, walk around and experience being around other dogs, thanks to Eastwood for being so pet friendly. 🙂