I’m not one for coffee. It’s not that I hate how it tastes like, or I’m allergic and/or similar, it just makes me sleepy. This effect, says Elizabeth Beurling (Lis, Liz, Bea, or E for short), owner of the best coffee shop in the entire Second Life, the Cup of Goodness (CoG), also applies to cocaine…(hrm.)

The CoG lies on a parcel of 4096 s.q. m. in the virtual world called Second Life. Behind its brick walls it holds awesome bohemian-y mismatched furniture, spiked (with alcohol or sometimes crack) coffee, great people and good conversation. For a while, it was closed down. But yesterday, when I logged in to pay my rent, the coffee shop kitty (Borneo) messaged me the news: “The Cup of Goodness has reopened”. So I teleported using the landmark and there I was, home again.

To backtrack:

The first time I encountered the Cup of Goodness, I was determined to find a place I could hang around in. This was when I had nowhere to go and usually I didn’t go anywhere else but shopping malls or ballrooms. Yeah, I know you can do that anywhere, but everyone in SL wants less drama, wants to just lounge around, have fun with people who they can talk to about anything. And so my search stretched on for a few days, visiting different empty cafes. Finally, I found this one.

There were a few people out back, all very friendly, dancing and having a conversation. Being in a different timezone (because most regulars are in the US aside from Kitty, of course) I walked in when the coffee shop was just about to go empty. It was nice of them to greet me and say hello — a lot of other people tend to be territorial and leave you out when you’re new. I gave a promise that I would visit again and when I did, I never left. I finally became one of the CoG’s regulars, from parcel to parcel, until that day it closed down for good.

Like I always said, I couldn’t blame Liz for closing it down, couldn’t deny that it was time to lay low for a while and do other things, but I wasn’t the only one sitting in that empty space devoid of furniture, hoping that it would all re-rez (load) and once again become the coffee shop that we loved.

I tried to stand around in other cafes but it wasn’t the same and I don’t like trivia games that much. Also, people were constantly asking me why I was standing or sitting on the roof while they sat on couches on the deck. There were other people asking me where I got all my energy because I kept on dancing while they (once again) talked and sat on the couches on the deck. It became challenging to find a place so I just gave up and stayed home, unless I wanted to go shopping.
I’m so happy it’s back, happy that I can now dance in the coffee shop on top of the bar without being asked why, or blurt out problems at random and ask everyone in the room for their advice. I can sit around even when there are no people and I wouldn’t feel awkward with being all alone. And I can do the thriller with a big group of people who I am sure would love to dance in formation with me! Finally finally finally…

the Cup of Goodness is back in business.

If you’re in-world you can visit the Cup of Goodness, I’ll see you there!