I’m stressed.

I’ve been stressed for two weeks now, it’s not about work, or family, partly about my relationship but not really. It’s mostly about myself, the events that will happen from now on are in my hands really… not anyone elses, but at some point I feel helpless. I would like to say though that every decision that each person makes affects the people around them. I’ve heard this so many times before throughout my life but, I’ve never really seen the effects of this up close, but now I am face-to-face with this situation, no not face-to-face, it’s breathing down my neck threatening things I should not allow it to threaten.

It is a small struggle of common-sense versus selfishness…but it depends on your own values and how you were brought up for you to be able to say who’s selfish and who’s simply using their common sense.

I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated because of how blind a lot of people can be, blinded by the easy way out, lack of knowledge, blinded by the things they want more than what they need. And blinded by the present rather than planning for a good future, while opportunities pour at their feet just within reach, for them to grab and take advantage of. I know that now, is important too, but isn’t it that there are people who work hard today for an easier future?

I don’t know about you but I only look back to recall the lessons I’ve learned in life, otherwise it’s all onward and forward. Everybody knows that nothing comes easy, and nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. Everyone is having a hard time, everyone has problems, everyone has challenges…but there are only a few who face them, and a bigger number that run. Run away so fast only to catch themselves looking back and noticing the gold that they just left behind.

So why run?