by Jana Lopez

So go…
Don’t wander
Don’t linger around
Don’t leave traces of you on the floor
…the walls
…and doors
Don’t smile in my dreams
and hold me, as if everything’s alright
Leave cause you said you will
Leave because I can’t stand your ghost hovering around me

I hid remnants of you behind the highest closet doors
But when my eyes travel around the four walls i  come home to
There you are…
Whispering with the loud street sounds
Singing with my favorite songs
Laying on the bed beside me
your chest beneath my cheek as i sleep.

I have not escaped any part of you
Or run away far enough to forget you
So i will sit
In my corner
Cover my ears
Close my eyes
My forehead resting on my knees
and wait…
Maybe when i look up
You won’t be there anymore.


This was written a long time ago…okay like two years ago but the pain’s gone and he’s gone too! 😀