It’s been awhile since I posted photos from my Lomo addiction. I have been way to busy and running out of funds to have my photos developed. But finally here’s the last roll of my Fuji Velvia 100 ISO expired film.


I think I actually got better, framing still a little off, I still have to work on that, but the beach sun is so perfect for this film, I didn’t know how the scenery shots would look but they just all look like scenes from a dream!! Thanks to my Holga 135bc … I’m looking forward to trying other cameras and other films…but before that here are the results!

The different input, reviews and information that I got through the internet about this film was very accurate, it gave off more of a reddish tone than blue, (except of course if you use a color splash) but it never left out the blue of the sea. I wasn’t at all my usual snappy-happy-self a during this particular trip. It had been awhile since I was at a beach without having to worry about other things, I just really wanted to relax enjoy the company, and get a tan, but the few shots that I have here were surprising to me. Although I did not put so much thought into taking the shots (obvious with the cropped framing) the output seems to show more effort than I put into it. Using the Fuji Velvia 100 expired film has been a great experience for me as an amateur in lomography or even photography for that matter. I learn more and more about how to play with the lighting and framing of course, I’m expecting to learn more once I get a hold of other cameras but in the mean time, this is proving to be a fun hobby…regardless of the cost 😉