If there is anything I haven’t done for a while is find a book that I’d actually read from start to finish, sometimes I’d browse through the bookstores, find something I think might be interesting but will eventually end up on the pile of unfinished books I have at home. Like I said to my colleagues/friends Tina and Grace, I haven’t been able to find anything interesting to read and was happy to take suggestions. We visit Fully Booked at least once a week to check out the new books that are out. They search tirelessly online for good books to read, endless sites of book reviews (they’re still convincing me to get on goodreads, I’m still thinking about it) and amazon purchases.

There was one particular book Tina raved about while she was on dayshift sitting next to me. Feed by Mira Grant, about politics and zombies.

She was excited to read and write a review and it was perfect since the elections were going on and she loved books about zombies. I asked her about the synopsis, which she’s always happy to narate even if it’s available to read on the internet anyway, She and Grace are always patient enough to do so. I decided it was interesting still contemplating if I would like it myself, Tina, on the other hand, was so excited she had a copy on her iPod within the next week (i think).

Weeks after, that I found a paperback copy of the book at the Fully Booked near Shangri-La Mall, looked at it, held it and wouldn’t let go until I headed to the counter and finally bought it. It took me awhile to really get into it, I always have to have my mind set on reading or whatever I need/want to do to actually get me to do it…(I’m such a lazy fart). I really started reading it because I didn’t have anything better to do while Jonar and his bandmates recorded their album (I might put up snippets of their song on here if he allows me to :D). Before I knew it I was desperate to know what happens next, Tina was right, the book is AWESOME, if you actually want to see a review pop on over to Tina’s book review blog, she’s better at that than I am :D. (check out the other books she reviews, I’m sure you’ll find others that you might like too.)

Feed started my quest, I spend a lot of time online when I’m not out at work or with Jonar somewhere else. I decided to cut my internet time and spend it reading not only Feed but also some of the other books I’d bought and didn’t finish. I won’t lose anything if I did, and I have friends who can tell me which direction to go in the bookstore now :D.

Last Wednesday while I waited for the speech of our now President Noynoy Aquino, I looked for the old books I had that I didn’t finish. I’ve decided to read “The Golden Compass” by Philip Pullman again before I move on to book two of that which I bought a few months ago and then maybe something light like a chick-lit after that….and then maybe “Shades of Gray” by Jasper Fforde….and because I’m going to dedicate myself to this quest I really really want a new bookshelf.

And because I can’t stop listening to him (thanks to The Hidden Mixed Tape for the recommendation)

Happy Weekend! 😀