8.56am Wednesday morning.

I can’t really breathe…it’s that feeling you get when there’s something wrong and you’re tired and can’t breathe and want to just lie in bed in a dark room and just sleep. Sige, emo na kung emo, pero grabe pagod na ako. My world’s gone too noisy again, with people demanding for money, bills, having to think of where to go, when to go there, what to eat, why? what? where? how? who’s going to pay for what? Budget, budget MY money just so that the weekends go well…plan whatever needs to be planned, tie the lose knots and make sure their tied, God forbid things go wrong, God forbid I chose the wrong place or the wrong time, because it’s all up to me.

Tired of waiting, tired of thinking, tired of fighting, tired of excuses, tired, tired, tired. Sige, sa inyo na lang lahat, lahat ng pera, lahat ng gawa, lahat ng mga plano, lahat ng kaya ko sa inyo na lang lahat, kayo ng yung kawawa, kayo na yung nawalan, kayo na lahat, sige fine….para naman tumahimik na kayo…kasi, grabe ang ingay.