How long as it been 10 years? No…possibly more…maybe even 11, Peanut’s been around for ages, and even if our friendship is pretty much unusual we both loved and cherished it over the years. Peanut has watched me grown up from an 18 year old school girl to now a twenty something professional young woman and now I look back I can not believe how much time has passed since we met.

I believe that everyone in my generation was part of the growth of the social tools that came out on the internet throughout the years. I was pretty much present during all of them, from free emails to mirc to instant messaging then on to social networking. And because of all that I was able to meet a whole bunch of interesting, annoying, stupid, vain, ugly, beautiful, artistic, weirdo people…and one of them was Peanut (he of course, doesn’t fall into any negative category). Obviously his name isn’t Peanut, the name sorta just popped out when a friend of mine and I were talking about him and thinking about how it would turn out if it was written out as a musical or something, “Letters To Peanut” was the title we came up with and since then he was named so.

…But anyway, at some point when ICQ was all the rage, with their horrible number usernames I could never remember, I met Peanut. He had written a short very polite message to my number/username-thing, simply saying that if it wasn’t such a bother he would like to have a nice conversation, and that if I didn’t want to he would understand and stop messaging me. I thought he seemed nice enough through that short message and started chatting with him. The cool fact about him messaging my ICQ is that Peanut had just invented my number out of the blue and decided to message whoever it was that owned that number. And so it all started….

He lives in Liverpool, and always talks about the cold weather there, always raining, always cloudy, he would keep a warm bottle of water with him while we chatted, and sometimes he would have a hard time typing cause it was so cold. I had talked to him through old computers and new ones…he once refused to get a new computer because he’d feel guilty about getting rid of the old one, and said he didn’t want it to be sad. His undying love for the Beach Boys…and once you mention them he DOES NOT stop talking about them. Knowing Peanut the writer and Peanut the pianist. His habbit of asking me what to cook out of what’s in their fridge. He was the worst multitasker and would say goodbye before football games because he can’t talk and watch at the same time, he would type short messages if he was on the phone when I popped online. He complained endlessly about the cold weather and all the rain in Liverpool, hoping one day he’d fly on over to the Philippines and enjoy the sun. He used to own a bakery with his father (who I call DaddyP/Daddy Peanut), where they made sandwiches and baked pastries and pies… I STILL think that little fact about him is super cool. I helped him through his horrible ex episodes and he helped me through my bad times too. Through Peanut I learned to love the English, the way they always found humor in everything.

At some point, we would lose contact for awhile…and then somehow be able to connect again, we’d lose each others email, stop communicating for some reason and/or similar. But we always reconnected and started chatting/emailing each other again as if no time passed. The last time we had a falling out it was because of something a little bit more serious I didn’t talk to him for a year or so, even when my mom passed. I just thought…well maybe it’s time to part ways already (shut up! I’m allowed to be emo about that).

Just a few days ago I saw him online and decided that whatever it was that was between us before didn’t really matter anymore. So just like all those times we talked I said “hey Peanut”, and it was as if no time has passed, only that he has more going on in his life now and so do I. Just like all of those, rainy/cold nights in Liverpool, and even here in Manila, once again, it’s me and Peanut, on our computers typing away stories to each other.

So here’s to the rain…I hope it won’t be too harsh on us, and here’s to my best friend Peanut for always being there with the imaginary stress kit and a warm water bottle 😀

And now I’m going to show you a cool photo I took while I was riding the jeep home of two boys, one with just his underwear on and the other in his birthday suit, sitting on the jeep steps enjoying the rain. 😀