You CAN NOT do this to me anymore, you’ve done it since I was little, screaming at me, ordering me around, looking at every mistake, blaming me for everything…even to the smallest things like losing a bag of chips. You made it harder for her you know? She had to defend me to all of you and she did it ’til she left us, you never saw that, all you saw was that you were right and I was always wrong.

We spoke about how you didn’t like that our cousin was considering the other son of his girlfriend as his own, while hanging around mom’s hospital bed. You said, if you knew the child was another person’s child and is only part of the family because their parent is married to one of our relatives you give smaller gifts or give a smaller amount of money during Christmases and birthdays…in comparison to the one who is really part of the family. What kind of people are you?? Hasn’t mom taught you anything at all??? Didn’t you see her accept everyone no matter what? Didn’t you ever feel her welcoming presence? Didn’t that rub off on you somehow? I just need to ask again…WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU???

All my life I’ve tried to pass your standards, try to look better, try to act the way you want me to, but no matter what I did, I never and will never get through to you, and to be honest I’ve stopped trying. You’ve never been around for me so why am I going to even bother trying? I’ve given up a long time ago, and I’m going to keep it that way, and unfortunately you have no chances of having my respect, my attention or my support, because you do not deserve it.

Thank God I’m not really related to you…you’re too stupid to be my real sister.