Disclaimer: What I’m going to be saying here are my personal opinions, I’m not saying that PC’s are horrible, or so I hope I won’t say it in the entry below. It’s my personal preference so please…don’t hate me šŸ˜›

I’ve been dealing with Mac computers since I was in college. The first time I held a Mac mouse I was petrified and my noisy brain suddenly screamed questions like: “what the fuck?? It doesn’t have a right click? I have to hit control?” and “okaaaayyy, what’s up with this apple button? Vain much?” But after awhile, and after actually owning my very first Powerbook G4…it was a challenge for me to even look at a PC’s desktop. I suppose it would be the same for any PC user, using a Macintosh computer for the first time…but it’s difficult for me everyday. I’ve had jobs where I had to use a PC and more jobs where I was able to use a Mac computer. I’m a multimedia artist so the preference isn’t so questionable, and I just found everything came so easily with my Mac. In my current job, which I’m super grateful I have by the way, I’m forced to use a PC and every morning…at least five, FIVE mins to start it up!!! Not to mention all the windows that pop up and having to restart everytime there was an update. Looking at it’s desktop just gives me a slight headache. Everythings so messy big clutter of icons and shortcuts….my PC runs XP by the way, better than having Vista but horrible nonetheless.

I remember having to explain it to a room with a few people I trained on video graphics a few years back…why Mac? PC’s are customizable easy to upgrade easy to get software for, it has a better looking Yahoo Messenger and can run applications that a Mac can’t. In my opinion, Macs feel more like your partner/companion rather than your computer. It’s a pretty creepy/geeky way to put it, but that’s how I feel. If something’s broken, there’s always an answer, without having to bring it to an IT. They provide updates on everything, but let you decide when you want it installed, so usually I set aside some time for updating, which doesn’t get in the way of my time using it. Plus, I don’t have to worry about viruses. Now, a friend of mine mentioned that the only reason Mac’s don’t have viruses is because no one bothers to make them for Mac, since Mac users aren’t as many as PC users. I don’t really know if that’s true or not, but I don’t really care…at least my laptop is virus free.

Just yesterday, I was able to get myself a new Ipod touch, I’ve been wanting one for around a year now and 3 of my colleagues at work own one. It sorta made me jealous for them to be able to surf the net with a small device, have music, games and ebooks in one little thing. And while I watched them with a twinge of envy, I knew that it would be an investment, there would never be a boring moment if I was alone waiting for someone, or just wanted to hang around a coffee shop, and as much as I love love LOVE my Macbook laptop it isn’t fun to bring around unless you really need it.

This morning, I was able to wake up, reach for my new iPod Azriel check my mail, my twitter, my facebook and play games while lying down, without having to stand up, take my laptop from the desk and open it. Yeah, it’s a real Godsend. For now I’m downloading more and more apps, and ebooks getting a pdf reader, and later on I’ll be making my favorite playlist..the same one I had from my ipod classic.

Aaaahh finally… Call me lazy, call me an elitist, I really don’t care cause I’m a happy little Mac addict šŸ˜€