It was in high school when it really sinked in…everything….I mean EVERYTHING is on the web. When I was younger, I had to pull out big encyclopaedia’s to do research, back then it was the Britannica that had everything. A few years after that, you were considered really cool if you had the encyclopaedia on a CD, I had Grolliers. I was in awe of all the stuff it had, different photos, sounds, speeches from different presidents and different people even animal sounds. Now all I have to do if I had to research on something is to either search it on Google or turn to the ever so trusty Wikipedia

One summer when I was younger, I was sent to a class that taught young kids about the internet. I really don’t remember how I got into that class, if my mom signed me up or if I asked for it. It was a short course an hour a day for one whole week, we got to get our own free emails and learned how to chat. Everything else, was a blur ’til high school, when blogs were all the rage, teenagers were designing their own blog pages, linking people in their sites, asking each other to sign their guestbooks. My very first internet name was Blue Siren, my friend was the one that designed my first page, until I learned to take over.

Social networking came out when I was in college, Ringo (yeah, I’m not so sure if that’s the name) was the first one I encountered, I didn’t understand it at first, but a few classmates of mine told me that I should sign up and all I had to do was get as many friends as I could, I was a bit confused, I didn’t understand why I’d have to friend people I didn’t know, but I signed up anyway. By the time Friendster came around I lost interest in the social networking world there were a few more that came out after that,  I crawled back into my blogging in sites like Blogspot, Pitas and Livejournal.

And then Facebook happened.

I hadn’t checked or signed on to a lot of the social networking sites that I was forced to sign in…one night my mom mentioned that she had a Facebook. I went to check it for her, I felt totally embarrassed that it was my mom who was the second in our family to have a Facebook page (first was my sister). So I decided I’d give it a try…since Ringo(?), it is the only social networking site that stuck 😛

I don’t remember when or how I stumbled upon, online shopping…obviously it’s been around for quite awhile. My Holga came from an online seller, and a few other things I owned, or sold were online. Recently, when I had a few mins to take a break at work I’d look through some online shops, and those shops would have links to other online sellers, and those would have links to other online sellers. Before I new it, my Facebook page is filled with ads, announcements of first batches, pre-ordering, new arrivals….OH MY GAWD.

Just yesterday, I browsed through a collection of summer dresses, I drooled over every photo, and since I’m on a budget this month I can’t buy anything right now *sigh*. Over the past month I was in a frenzy of adding online sellers on my Facebook page, waiting for updates, it was like having the mall at my fingertips. Although nothing beats actually going to a store to get the clothes, shoes, gadgets and/or similar, that you really want (not to mention the cardio), there is also the new thrill of seeing the product online and waiting for it to get to your mailbox.

This morning, I looked through my Facebook page and I realized I set myself up for ulitimate temptation everyday. I didn’t have to go to the mall browse around, see something I want and drool over it there. Everytime I open my Facebook page, which is usually every morning and I keep it open as long as I’m online…there they are, shoes, dresses, tops, pants, what have you….@.@ oh my gawd I’m doomed to be poor forever. *sigh* Over the past two days I’ve seen about 10 dresses (most over 500P) -_- that I want, and I still want those boots I didn’t get to buy last time!*sigh*

Damn you online shopping!!!!