I wasn’t really able to research much about the Kodak Colorplus ISO 200, but I was curious as to how my shots will come out with this film. I found in one forum (I don’t remember which one it is so I can’t provide a link for you guys) that at some point it was being given away because it wasn’t a great film at all. The day after I purchased and started to take photos with my Kodak Colorplus film, I decided to go get a Fujicolor ISO 100 out of fear that I wasted my money on the Kodak Colorplus. I had Jonar research on it for me a little bit before I bought some unlike with the Colorplus.

I set off taking my photos hoping that I get better than what I had expected, here are the results!

I’m not sure if the really great colors are a result of the strong sunlight, the processing or because it is ISO 200, but I really love the Kodak Colorplus film. I wish they gave it away here in the Philippines too!

The very first photo was taken in the Eastwood Mall, I liked the window design, and thought that the people silhouette added  character. The sky shot below it was shot outside of the Eastwood Mall, I think it has the best shade of blue, I have ever captured. The shots of my colleagues below that, one of two girls standing and the guy jumping up in the air, just shows how much the color added a lot of life to the photos I took. I love this film with my Holga 135bc! I’m happy I’ve found a cheaper alternative to the film I find online.

The Fujicolor was just a spur of the moment film, and this roll was the one that taught me about the focus of my Holga 135bc. It also took some really good photos and if I was more skilled with using my camera I would have taken better shots.

The very first shot is really my favorite, multiple exposure, I didn’t know I took two photos on top of each other…I’m still getting used to winding the camera after every shot. But it added such a great effect especially with all the really vibrant colors. The landscape photo, below that is another multiple exposure, which was also a mistake. This film was pretty good too for what it cost me, I already learned from my last roll of ISO 100, that I had to shoot photos after lunch, since that’s when the sun is really high up, my photos aren’t dark this time (yay me!). I also noticed that sometimes, instead of a vignette the Holga 135bc provides a sort of blurred effect on the edges, I don’t know if that’s just me, but that’s what I saw in the first few shots with the Kodak Colorplus, it gives it a nice dreamy effect :D.

Like what I said, I’m not sure if the colors came out so vibrant because of the great sunlight I got, or the processing, but I’m really happy I finally found some films that I can purchase at the local Kodak and Fuji shops that I can just use at any time I want.

Lomo is ❤