Like every other day, I rode the jeep to work…it’s only two jeeps and even if the ride is rough and fast at least it’s cheap and I get to work fast. Today, I noticed a man sitting in front of me who was carefully carrying a plastic bag. He didn’t carry it with just one hand, it seemed like he was cradling it. I didn’t give much thought to it first but the nosey little girl in me decided to look closer. He was holding a little puppy!!! I suppose he had nothing else to carry it around with, I know you’re supposed to put puppies in baskets, but he didn’t look like the type of man who had baskets or could afford baskets.

He paid a lot of attention to the puppy, making sure it didn’t make any sound or jump off his lap and would acknowledge it when it would look up at him wit the famous puppy dog eyes all puppies have. He may have been bringing it to a friend to keep and eaten when it’s grown ( yeah, gross, but people do that here), but in my little happy imaginary landscape, I imagined that he was off to give it to his grandson. He announced before hand that his trusty dog is pregnant and the little boy has been excited to get his own dog since! I imagined that the little boy was inspired by the grandfathers relationship with his trusty dog that he wanted one of his own :D.

Unfortunately, by the time the people between us got off their stops and I had the chance to get closer to the old man carrying the puppy I had to get off the jeep. 😦 so no photos. I still have happy thoughts of the very first meeting of his grandson and the little puppy to start my morning 😀

On the photo-front, I forgot to mention that aside from the LC-A I was thinking of getting a Lubitel, since I also want a 120 camera might as well get a TLR, but I am still thinking about it. Like I said last time I should really go to Quiapo to see how much their prices are there cause I might actually be able to get 2 cameras next month! 😀