After the three-day wait…here they are! My first 2 rolls using my Holga 135bc! I’ll only be posting a few of my photos that were processed. A few observations so far were that, the normal Kodak Ultramax with 400 ISO isn’t as vibrant as the Fuji Velvia with 100 ISO. Although, I still think that a 200 ISO film is the best or safest ISO. I didn’t see much effect on the photos that used the Fuji Velvia which was expired, but I might have to compare it with a recent Velvia to see. I will have to check other films as well to see which one is my favorite :D.

Aside from the film, the Holga 135bc was pretty accurate when it came to the vignettes which is my favorite effect on lomo photos. I’m too much of a beginner to figure out that the close up of the lens is really, really close up, that a lot of heads/foreheads and/or similar were cut off. So I’m going to have to adjust to that and be careful with my framing. The flash of the camera (I have a Holga color splash) is only really good for portrait photos, obviously it won’t reach too far.  But I do like that it allows me to tint my photos how ever I want. I am also happy with the way everything is smooth with this camera, unlike a friends experience with the Diana mini which always gets stuck when the film is wound. As a beginner I’m happy with this camera, I know there are better cameras but I couldn’t have started with a better one than this.

Anyway here are some of the processed photos:

Jonar and I have been dating for more than 3 months now and since then we don’t have any photos together and even if the shots are cut and strange I’m still happy we at least have a few takes together 😀

[ Taken with Fugi Velvia expired film 100 ISO ]

I’m not a big fan of the color blue but I think this blue photo of us together on the left is the best one of all the photos of the two of us taken. I also love that cut at the end where there’s like a beginning of another photo <3. On the red tinted one though, my boyfriend looks cute but I look demonic ehhehehe.

[My luff luff luff little doggie Champagne 😀 taken with Kodak Ultramax 400 ISO]

[ Taken with Fuji Velvia expired film 100 ISO ]

I think Jonar was right…if there was more light it might have been so much better. At least I have another one that I kept for the beach. They did say that color silde films have more vibrant colors than the negatives, which I think I’ve seen with these two different rolls. I’m open to trying more though 😀 specially the Solid Gold.

Thanks to my dorky-cute-boyfriend for funding half of the payment for my Holga 135bc and pushing me in the right direction:D

I have decided that I might be considering other camera options other than the BBF, obviously the better camera to have is the LC-A and if I can get that for a cheaper price (as of now it is Php13,000 and I’ve seen on ebay that it can be bought for so much lower). I’m sure to go to quaipo just to see what my options for cameras are there :D.

It really feels tons and tons of awesome to be back into the groove of photography again. Digital started to bored me, everything was made easy by Photoshop. I’m not saying I hate it or will never use it again, I’m just finding another way of challenging myself 😀 and having fun at the same time! I know I’m a total rookie when it comes to film photography, the last time I really did it was with a Nikkon FM10 and just normal rolls of film. That was pretty cool of course , but I haven’t done anything lomography shots ’til these photos. And no matter how dark or how super saturated or off angled they are I’m super super proud of them 😀

I loaded my Holga with a Kodak ColorPlus…it doesn’t have great reviews and I don’t know if anyone’s used it with a lomo camera before but I’d like to give it a shot. Keep your fingers crossed!

*skips away squealing*