(stolen from The Easter Island of the Mind which is Jonar’s blog)

We accidentally bumped into his bandmate Mando while having dinner at Dell’s in Eastwood. It was nice to meet one of his friends/bandmates since I haven’t met anyone of them yet. After Mando and I tempted Jonar for one round of beer (no, I didn’t drink) we stepped out to buy some cigarettes at the near by 711. Jonar noticed a sign about voting…I forgot what it said but I’ll check it out again later. I told him I’ve seen it around, they’ve got cups designed for all of the presidentiables. Mando then said that he noticed that the stack of Erap’s cups are always high. Which of course was followed by my jubilant “YEHESSSS”.

I am not the right person to be talking about politics, after my total addiction to it in junior year of high school and a small part of my freshman college year, I just can’t stand it anymore. My political stand evaporated into thin air when I realized no one in this country can make up his mind, and all they do is complain. I can vote who I want, sure, that’s going to help, is what everyone says…voice out your choice, take a stand…BLAH BLAH BLAH. The last time that happened Erap was in Malacañang and alot of shit went down. When I was all for ousting him they dragged President GMA on to the chair and then a few years later decide she’s no good.

Heads up Philippines, NONE OF THEM ARE GOOD. There’s only one out of all the candidates today that is the lesser evil, and God forbid you be stupid enough to vote because they are popular, or they say they’re just like you, or they have to continue something that’s not finished or whatever. For fucks sake, vote the lesser evil. The one you think won’t give in to much of the corruption going on in that place, because you all know, you can not fully stop that. There is none of them who won’t take money if only to get along or not get killed or looked down upon.

I don’t know squat about the political world now, because they let me down at such an early age, and I trusted the people to make the right judgment…but they didn’t. So I decided earlier on not to take part in any of the discussions or even the voting. Because in the end, I don’t want to be blaming myself for a poor country.

[ in other news ]

0 days ’til Holga day….I’M GETTING HER TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance*