I was starting to write an entry yesterday about a bagillion black thoughts that came over my mind, no, it had nothing to do with me harming anyone or whatever. I was just bombarded by so much negative energy that when I started to write it I started to feel weak.

For as long as I remember, I know for a fact that I hardly remember bad things. Bad situations, people, things are most often then not, get automatically pushed back into the little black hole in my mind to never be remember again…that’s  if no one else reminds me of them. Obviously that has a lot of it’s advantages but it is hard  to believe a person who has a hard time remembering details and pauses almost every sentence.

The reason why I do this is because of the negative energy (yeah, I know I’m starting to sound like one of those crazy people who strongly believe in aura’s and shit). I was influenced by a few people in my life to always stay positive, which has it’s really great advantages if you are patient enough. So every since, I have tried to avoid or forget things negative, and now it has almost been automatic.

When I am faced with a situation that’s negative usually I like to go off, be alone and clear my head so that I can deal with it calmly, maturely and positively. A lot of people say that I run off and avoid it, well, maybe I do, but at least I have the maturity to face it after I have thought it out.


I really wasn’t able to continue or save my entry at all…and I don’t think I will too negative @.@.

I am sending off happy thoughts, fairy dust, chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallow love to everyone this morning 😀

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. – One more day ’til I have her in my hands.

Yayness, can’t wait, rawr.