Honestly I’m terrified of spirits…TERRIFIED. I keep my head under my black hoodie every time I watch a horror movie, either that or I turn down the volume if I’m watching at home. Like a lot of people, I can not sleep or take a shower normally after a TV show or a movie about the paranormal. But contradictory to how I act and how I go about things, I love watching them.

A colleague of mine told me about an island called Poveglia she said she read it in Wikipedia and sent me the link, I wasn’t really in the mood to read so I decided I’d look it up on Youtube. I looked through the search items and found these guys!

Ghost Adventures had an episode on Poveglia, I was really impressed by everything they did on that one episode. Out of all the shows I’ve seen just like theirs, Zak, Aaron and Nick’s Ghost Adventures (from left to right) are the most daring. Aside from the fact that they actually get locked into the location that they are investigating, they are brave enough to climb into freezers at the morgue, split up and stay in different locations by themselves, crawl into a hole in the wall taunt a negative energy. Those are only some of the few that I have seen on this show and I haven’t even watched everything yet.

In my opinion, out of all the other shows like this one that I have seen, they have the best evidence. They use voice recorders and infrared cameras, and mechanisms that show you electromagnetic energy which is said to be what ghosts/spirits are made of.

A lot of their stuff is pretty creepy, but I can’t stop watching their shows! Thankfully, Jonar enjoys watching these things too, even if we’re both dorky scaredy cats cuddling each other on the sofa watching GA, I’m glad he’s around to share the experience and enjoy it in our weird way.