I keep browsing through TLR’s and checking their specs, design, color, and photographs, looking for the best film for each camera. I haven’t felt this way about something since my bear collection when I was in 5th grade. So I keep on browsing, promising myself a camera each payday. Carefully planning how I’m going to store and clean these things. I recently blogged the camera I’m getting this week (which I am still squealing about). This morning, Jonar gave me a link to another camera, was a Vivitar rip off that wasn’t so bad, I browsed and I found this….*fuzzy warm feeling*

Tis the beautiful Blackbird Fly by Superheadz I read up on it a little and it seems to be my next month’s purchase…versus one of the Holga 120’s…I don’t know, maybe it’s just cause I’ve always wanted a camera that looks like an old brownie…well in this case it’s a plastic brownie.

The reviews looked promising and for a toy camera it seems to have accommodated some of the features need. I love that it has three masks and allows the user to have 35mm shots that include the sprockets I’ve NEVER EVER shot anything like that. I also like that it has a hotshoe, with film you can’t know ’till you get your photos if any of your shots are dark, so having a hotshoe is always handy. I love that it has the view finder that lets you hold it down waist level and the sport finder. (yeah, I do not know any of the jargon’s)

I promised my oh-so-beloved boyfriend Jonar that I’d get the blue one, since my first camera is pink and it’s just not right for him to borrow and be carrying around a pink camera. So the blue one it is..but after further research….

A PINK BBF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I of course showed this to Jonar who showed an ample amount of amusement, as all boyfriends should do. But I know deep inside he was thinking *sigh* pink, once again and for the love of me he dare not protest or go between me and anything pink that I wanted. But then I thought it out…I like other colors too, and it would be fun if he could have a go at this toy camera fascination that I’ve started. So back to blue and besides, if I REALLY want it, I could buy one for collection purposes 😀

Can’t wait for next month 😀